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Tringoo is an on-demand platform that links individuals and corporate organizations to creative professionals(photographers, videographers, graphic editors) who would make their events memorable and classy.
Click on become a photographer and follow the instructions to fill all necessary information. Our in-house professional would access your work online and if you meet all our requirements, you would receive a congratulatory message inviting you for a one on one meet or online interview, before you can fully be welcomed on board to our tringoo force.
Yes, our tringoo photographers are always available whenever and wherever you need them.
Our photographers would definitely be at your event an hour earlier than the stated time

Photographer is the name we give to our photographers, videographers and editors.

It is a term used for the creatives on our platform and this clearly differentiates us from the everyday photographers and local cameramen.

You would have the opportunity to view your pictures, make corrections and select your choice pictures before it gets printed and delivered to you.
Our customer support system would be available to assist you in arranging a customized plan to suit your needs and budget.
The balance of 25% would be made before your packages are delivered to you. A notification would be sent to you, informing you that your package is ready so you can make payments. You get your package as soon as payment is confirmed.
Visit the pricing page to check out all available services and attached price cost
Bookings can be on-demand months or days before the events

Payments can be made in 3 ways

  1. Via our online payment platform
  2. Bank transfer
Our customer support system is round the clock, reports can be made through emails, phone calls, or WhatsApp. Simply state the event and the photographer’s code number so that necessary actions can be taken.
Packages are delivered within 5-7 working days depending on the package and deliverables chosen.
This is our grading system for the photographers and videographers on our platform Class Alpha are popular celebrity professionals who would cover events Class Beta are semi-celebrity professionals who would cover events Class Gamma are upcoming celebrity professionals who would cover events
Our photographers would have a dash board where you can view their previous works on tringoo. However, this would soon be put in place.

Tringoo promises to offer exclusive service and you get the option of viewing your pictures before they are printed.

Moreover Tringoo would only give you professionals who have great eye for good images

The tringoo platform would soon evolve to accommodate different kinds of creatives involved in anything images like VR pictures and image editors. It would also include our users that loves taking good pictures with either camera or a good phone. They would have the opportunity to display their images on our memorycart: a pixabay or shutterstock for african inspired images, where people can discover and sell good images.

Got more questions or unsatisfied with the answers?
Please call our customer care line or reachout to us via whatsapp