11 Things you must never do to your DOG

 11 Things you must never do to your DOG

our dogs are always ready to accompany us on adventures.
whatever our mood they are there for us as a loyal companion. however there are
some things we do which they hit as they cause them to be confused and uncomfortable to know when and why this may happen.
we need to better understand canine language and communication to help illustrate this our animal wise article brings you 12 things you must
never do to your dog.

1 – fail to respect the basic freedoms of animal welfare.

dogs need certain basic freedoms and rights to enjoy healthy dignified and happy lives.
their relationship must be based on trust and mutual affection without ever ignoring their needs
this is why you must respect the five freedoms of animal welfare.
the animal companion requires freedom, from thirst hunger and malnutrition from discomfort from pain and illness from fear and stress
and the freedom to express normal animal behavior.
get mad because your dog is a dog your dog will do many things which may bother you maybe they’ll chew your shoes socks or
furniture as their teeth cooing they may jump on you when you get home and dirty your clothes drool in the house or even
slobber on you when you come through the door.
they will smell other dogs Greer’s and their own odour is often less than pleasant they can also be very demanding of our time and affection
but you should never be angry much less punish or reprimand them for being what they are a dog.

2 – anthropomorphize them or want to change their way of being.

each species has their own physicality personality and needs either we want to pamper our dog just as we would our favourite
Cubans when we treat the former like the latter they cannot express themselves freely, we need to respect dogs for their
own way of being with all of their similarities and differences to humans.

3 – allow everything and not educate correctly.

too many people ignore how important it is to properly train a dog. this is why we see too many dogs being abandoned
for having behavioral problems often linked to a bad education we need to educate and train a dog in the rules
of the home so you can prevent behavioral problems and domestic accidents.
training is the best exercise to stimulate your dog on a physical cognitive emotional and social level.

4 – punish them physically or emotionally.

when educating a dog we should never hit punish confine shout at or scold them all these so-called techniques are counterproductive
and expose the dog to negative emotions such as fear and stress. this causes difficulties in concentration and learning
in addition to making them adopt a defensive state of being.
we recommend you opt for positive reinforcement which stimulates their abilities and helps improve your ball

5 – abandon lockup or ignored them.

dog abandonment is a sad reality that happens everyday in many cases it can be avoided if we create awareness before adoption
and understand its responsibility. adopting a dog requires advanced planning a lot of responsibility and above all attention.
a dog is an intelligent and sensitive animal that needs time and space to develop properly you can’t expect them
to learn to co-exist properly in one year similarly a neglected dog is an abandoned dog even when they live with us
if you do not provide the care they require to be happy and healthy you abandon them by abandoning responsible

6 – cause negative emotions with inappropriate play.

we should never make our dog uncomfortable nervous or angry, just because we want to laugh
however funny we think it may be if your dog hates it when you blow on them or feels uncomfortable when you hug them show respect
and don’t do.

7 – take them to the vet only when they are sick.

it is essential we make preventive consultations of the vet every 6 to 12 months to check a dog’s health status
it is also imperative we respect the dogs back station and deworming schedules.
this will help them be free of illness and behavioral issues.

8 – Scold them hours after doing something inappropriate.

when you scolded your dog you make them experience stress fear and anxiety which negatively impacts their mental health
and behavior. if you scolded them about something which happened days,hours or even minutes ago.
they will not understand the reason for your anger make inappropriate associations and generate a lot of mistrust.

9 – give inappropriate or dangerous food.

your dog needs a balanced diet to help develop properly and enjoy an active and happy life in your company.
for this reason you should know there are some prohibited foods for them including sugar salt chocolate
and even some fruit and vegetables which can be toxic to dogs. be well informed and respect the nutritional requirements
and limitations.

10 – deprive them of a healthy social life.

walking for most dogs is one of the happiest points of their day as they are highly sociable
and enjoy interacting with other dogs. socialization of a dog is a key part of their education because it offers the
possibility of living and interacting with other animals or persons to gain security and self-confidence. as well as
avoiding aggression or fear.

11 – give up on helping them with the behavior problem.

even if you educate your dog well we give them the necessary care they may present some behavioral problems. for this
reason you should never give up helping this doesn’t imply a Fault in their character or permanent behavior
this is a sign something is wrong with their body or mind most behavioral problems can be treated with the help of
a veterinary oncologist or cane and educator, don’t give up this is when our dogs need us more than ever.

knowing that you knew what to do with your dog be sure to keep all of these things in your mind.
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